How To Make Decisions That Lead Us To Wealth?

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Every single thing we do in life we can consciously decide on, so that we can bring wealth to our lives.

Society today and the vast majority of people live most of their lives in a state of auto-pilot.

They are a living human being that just goes through the motion. And thinks of as many different things that they can do automatically.

For example, I’m sure you’ve heard of habits. There are many, many books on how to create habits.

And there is a very large following of people that want to build good habits for themselves. Why do those people want to build habits?

Well, I can tell you that most of them want to build good habits because they want to live an amazing life almost on auto-pilot.

They do not want to think about going to the gym, they want to go to the gym. They want it to be a habit, to be automatic. Also, they don’t want to think about what they are going to eat, they just want to make sure they eat healthy food every single time, on auto-pilot.

And, perhaps, they do not want to think about achieving wealth, but want to be wealthy on auto-pilot.

It’s like making the decisions very easy for them. And there is some form of benefit there. However, most people do not see how their goal of making things easier and making things more automatic is taking away from their life as much as it adds to their lives, in case they are good habits.

This is how one actually looses wealth. And this is a subject we talk about in this article as well.

Yes, it’s amazing to work out every single day. But let’s say you work out every single day on auto-pilot. And you eat healthy meals every single day on auto-pilot.

And you read few pages of books every single day on auto-pilot. If you truly stay to think about it, you would be not much different from a robot.

Because the robots are the things we create to do things on auto-pilot. To basically have a pattern and then follow that.

Useful habits can support wealth

And so there is an urge to create useful habits, and I have many myself, and I have some bad ones as well, that I keep doing.

At the same time, I would like to invite everyone to start analysing the things that they do. Not for the purpose of not doing them. Especially if they are good actions and healthy things that make you wealthier. But just to be more conscious and to do things with more responsibility for what you do every single day.

So you will notice, if you start doing that, that you will know what the good decision is. Let’s say you have a decision to make in the morning. After 8 hours of sleep, you have to get out of bed or just stay there and do nothing.

Your gut feeling, your instinct will tell you that ”I shouldn’t sleep the rest of my life. I should get up and do something that will bring me closer to my goals”.

It might be uncomfortable because it’s very, very warm under the sheets and it’s very comfy. However, you know, or you feel at least, that there is some conflict. 

The only time someone makes decisions is when they have options. They have multiple options and then they need to choose one of them. A

nd so we have to make decisions, like ”Do I work on this project or do I not?/ Do I go out for a walk or do I not?” Many times it’s not as simple as this. ”Do I go out for a walk or do I work on my project?”.

Well, that’s less about decision making and more about prioritising and planning. If both of the things that you want to do are good for you and are aligned with complete wealth, that means you should do both even though many times you cannot do two things at the same time.

If both of the things that you want to do are good for you and are aligned with complete wealth, that means you should do both

That does not mean that you cannot sit down in the morning, or at the end of the week and plan out your day or your week in advance. You can plan as best as you can so you can get as many things as you want done. 

If you engage in these planning sessions, initially you might notice that your plans do not always come about the way you envisioned them. This is going to be perfectly fine and normal.

Planning and strategising is a skill in itself, so you cannot expect yourself to be world-class at a skill where you maybe have not put in  the right amount of practice.

So if you create a plan for today and you notice that 50% of it doesn’t happen, I urge you to see if the things you’ve done instead of what you planned were more important than the things you actually planned.

If they are that great, you’ve taken great decisions today. If not, then you can analyse and see what has driven you to be unproductive. Or what has driven you to live a life below what you believe would be a life of complete wealth and abundance.

Once you do that analysis, you have to adapt your future plans based on your new-found wisdom about yourself, about your environment, about planning itself.

So, basically, there are two main things that we have to consider. 1- in most cases we will have a gut feeling that tells us what is the good decision to take and we can follow that. Then, 2 – we can always plan in advance to help us make less decisions in the moment.

So you can decide in advance to go for a 15-20 minutes walk at 7 a.m. and then after that, come home and take a shower.

And then after that you can go to work, or if you work from home, start working on your project. Or have a healthy meal. Or whatever it is that you want to do so that you’re in alignment with your best self.

Then, a final point I would add as a bonus is that to make better and better and wiser and wiser decisions in life, it is outstandingly helpful to learn from people that have already achieved what we want to achieve.

For example, if you have specific career goals — let’s say you work in marketing, or public relations — you can read books on marketing, you can read articles on public relations, you can sign up for courses on how to do SEO, you can go to a seminar on how to  do conversion rate optimisation, or user experience optimisation.

There are so, so many things that you can do. And then those will allow you to make better decisions in your career.

If we’re talking about health, you can study books on health, on nutrition, and on how food impacts the body. Then you will know how to decide between a burger with fries or a burger with a salad. Because you will understand how much damage the fries do to your body. And at the same time you will understand how much nutritional value you will add to your body if you choose the salad.

Let’s say you think about it in terms of taste, and how it makes you feel and the dopamine it gives you. If that’s your only criteria, then obviously your decisions wouldn’t be as optimal. Even though in the back of your mind you know you should choose the salad.

The gut feeling will be there. At the same time, if you have limited amounts of data, you will not know why one is infinitely better than the other.

You should start reading about it. And start understanding the benefits of spinach, of leafy greens, or of all of those different vegetables.

Learn about how they add value to your body, and to your health. And to your longevity, to your energy and to every single thing in your body. Then you can make a much better decision next time.

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