Business Consulting

I help businesses go from stagnation, to innovation. From trying to reach everyone, to building relationships that matter. And from solely focusing on margins, to understanding their impact. I’m happy to share what I’ve discovered whilst helping 100+ companies double in size, revenue, profits, and impact.

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Aspects I Can Help With

The first million dollars I’ve ever made took me 10 years. The second, two years later. And today my businesses cumulatively generate several millions every single year, whilst maintaining a strong growth trajectory.

My real-world business results and the huge wins my clients enjoy as a result of my support give me the confidence to state that though I might not have all of the answers, I’ve probably dealt with and/or have solutions for anything in business you’re dealing with right now.

On our consulting calls, we can tackle aspects such as how to:

  • Find, recruit, and keep the best talent available on the market
  • Improve current or create new systems what actually help improve KPIs
  • Constantly improve all of your marketing funnels and channels
  • Improve the effectiveness of your sales efforts and team
  • Better keep track of all the moving parts in your business
  • Digitally transform areas of your business with the least pushback
  • Negotiate better terms, esp. in high pressure situations
  • Come up with creative and effective solutions every single time
  • And many, many more.