Can we run out of wealth?

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As humans, our lives are based on our perceptions. We do not truly experience life, or at least the vast majority of us do not truly experience life. 

They experience their perception of life. As a result of that limited perception of life some people might feel that they are running out or they have run out of wealth. 

They feel that they are ill, and maybe even with a terminal illness or something that immobilises them. They’re in bed, or in the hospital, or their business went bankrupt and now they are in debt; they are going through or have gone through a divorce, and so on and so forth. 

So at times, our limited perception of life can make us feel that we’ve run out of wealth or we have a significant scarcity of wealth. Like wealth is not part of our life. 

In fact, wealth never really goes away. Some people have more of it, some people have less of it, but even the people that have very, very little, are still wealthy because most of them can, in fact, change their current circumstances by working on themselves. 

That might be working on their mind, so that they become less scared of reality, because reality isn’t scary. Reality is the way it is. And our work is the way it is, and the economy is the way it is. And society is the way it is, and traffic is the way it is, so we can be scared by it, or we can accept it. 

One thing that people do not see, for example, is that when you’re scared, you’re actually not tolerant of reality. Because if you would tolerate reality, if you would accept it for what it is, if you would be kind as a person, you would literally just accept it. 

So if someone is being mean, or hasty, or rude, or they will raise their tone, someone that is scared is basically not accepting them. They’re not being tolerant and they’re not being kind or loving. 

Because you cannot be scared and kind at the same time. If you’re a kind soul that sees reality for what it is, what will that kind soul see? Well, they will see someone that is harming themselves through the negative energy that they are filled with, and they allow the expression of through their actions and their words. 

So when I see someone, for example, that’s being mean, or insulting others, or whatever it is that they’re doing, I immediately think “What’s wrong in their lives, right now? What is this person doing? Or what is it that’s making this person act like that? Or speak like that?” 

No one does mean things because they believe that that’s the right thing to do. They only do mean things because they believe that is what they should be doing. 

And if I am understanding of them, I can ask “Why do you feel you need to yell at me?”

Nine out of ten times they will tell me “I’m yelling at you, because something happened”. They will be very honest. And then I can stop for a second and say “oh, okay; I’m sorry to hear that”. Or “I’m sorry what I did offended you”, or “I’m sorry that what happened to you today has impacted you so negatively”.

In that moment we actually start seeing reality for what it is and not as our perception of it. And we will notice that we will immediately enjoy a sense of abundance, a sense of wealth, because we can change our current context, we can improve how we work, we can improve how we work with other people. We can improve our status within society. 

So, if right now we have very little or no friends, we can say “okay, well, what is something I’m passionate about? Maybe I’m passionate about art or flowers. Then let me join some groups on Facebook or some forums. Let me meet with some people that have similar interests to mine. Let us go out, or let me otherwise make friends that are actually more likely to make me happier and wealthy”. 

To conclude, you never really lose wealth. Our perception of reality is our reality. For me, what I believe is true is what is true for me, even though the reality might be different. So as long as I believe in my own perception, that is what I will experience. So I can experience scarcity only if I allow myself to experience it. Otherwise, I will very probably be always in continuous wealth.

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