What Do I Dream To Accomplish With Wealth?

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Ever since I was very young, I always enjoyed peace. I always enjoyed peaceful outcomes. Despite injustice, despite people being mean. When I say despite — it might be a harsh word for some — but I really, really dislike those things.

As I evolved and grew, I became more and more pulled in by this vision, this dream, that society can reach a peak of existence where everyone would enjoy complete abundance and wealth. Prosperity, kindness, love, innovation, education, and so on and so forth. Care for local environments, care for the world in general, care for themselves.

I know it sounds utopic. However, it’s very important to note that everything in reality is possible. Just because something has never been done before does not mean that it cannot be achieved. 

I became pulled in by this dream, that society can reach a peak of existence where everyone would enjoy complete abundance and wealth.

Many physical limits and limitations that we thought we had as humans — we’ve surpassed. Many engineering limitations that we thought we had –we’ve passed. Even intellectually and spiritually. There are many people that manage to reach very high levels of wisdom and mindfulness, of love and responsibility.

Everyone has their own journey through life and their own things that they’re passionate about. However, I believe that we can all contribute towards that future, that utopic future, of complete wealth for all of society.

When I say wealth, it is very important to remember that I do not only mean financially. Financial wealth is just one part of wealth. There are many other parts. Such as complete health, such as caring for the environment, caring for your family, and caring for society. You can read more about wealth in this article.

So, what I dream of — and I see this very vividly in my mind very often — is an existence where the entire world is at peace. There is no more war, there is no more corruption, there is no more injustice, there is no more poverty. All of those are exchanged by complete respect for one another, complete respect for our environment, complete drive towards evolution and innovation and progress.

That is what I dream of and I will do the best I can during my lifetime to help humanity get as close to that level as possible. Thank you.

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