How To Have A Healthy Lifestyle

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A healthy lifestyle for a human being is one in which we live in alignment with how we are designed and we give our bodies the nutrients and the treatment that they deserve in order to function at their full potential. 

For example, human beings should not eat three to six times per day. For the course of thousands and thousands of years (if you believe in evolution, then millions of years) we have evolved to eat whenever food was available.

We did not have McDonald’s, we did not have KFC. We did not have department stores, we did not have restaurants, we did not have takeaways, we did not have food at our complete disposal 24/7.

This has happened only in the last 50 years of our society. No exaggeration. It has probably started around maybe 100 years ago. But most of society, especially the part of society that has high-speed internet and can read this from the comfort of their home, or their car, or their office, has access to food 24/7. That isn’t in alignment with how our bodies function, that is not healthy. 

Our bodies should function with one nutritious meal from the Earth, which is from trees, or from bushes, or from anything that is alive. And then go without eating for 1, 2, or3 days.

Our bodies’ systems should sustain that. Hence why, when we eat, digestion kicks into full gear, and most of our blood goes there, most of our energy and attention goes there. And so, the body then does that for two hours, or four hours, or eight hours, depending on what you ate.

If you ate meat, it needs to digest that for over eight hours. If you ate vegetables, it will digest that for a few hours and then be done with it. Because it’s much easier to digest vegetables than meat.

Once that process is completed, then it can use its energy and attention and blood to do everything else it should be doing. For example, healing a wound, or repairing a muscle, or repairing a cartilage, or helping bones get stronger, or anything else it should do. 

Within society today, we eat almost all day, and that is not healthy. Almost all day we are digesting. We wake up in the morning, and not long after we wake up we eat. Then a few hours after that we eat again, and a few hours after that we eat again and sometimes we also snack.

This is not natural.  Now our bodies are constantly focusing on digestion. 50% of our attention as a body, unconscious attention, is constantly focusing on digestion.

So our bodies do not have time to heal. They do not have time to build up our immune systems, they do not have time to make us stronger and healthier, and give us energy. Instead, they lack energy, which is how most people feel every day and they don’t know why. Well, that is one of the biggest reasons why.

Another thing that is not in alignment with a healthy lifestyle is the use of stimulants. We, as human beings, should not drink a stimulating beverage every single day. We are not made for that. Also we should not inhale smoke every single day, all day long. These are not healthy habits.

Our lungs should not inhale burning roots and burning leaves all day long. That is simply not in alignment with how we should live. It is also not in alignment to constantly use stimulants, such as coffee, such as sugars, and sweets,  or anything else you use to stimulate your body.

It is not natural to do that. We, as human beings, always focus on survival, on using the resources we have to the best of our ability.

However, when we are inhaling smoke all day long, our lungs are constantly in pain. They are constantly fighting for survival and we will constantly get more and more tired.

We will constantly dissipate our life energy on trying to keep healing lungs and healing other parts of the body. Because now there is more and more contamination in the oxygen we breathe. So that also doesn’t align to our purpose.

And then finally, there is a third thing that we are going to speak about. It is also not in alignment with how we should live to sit all day long and be static all day long. We should include movement every single day of our lives.

The best form of movement is walking. We should walk every single day. We are walkers as a species so every single day we should walk for at least 30 to 90 minutes, or as much as we can walk.

Also, we can use cycling, or swimming, or anything else our bodies are naturally meant to do. But the most important thing is that we should do them without stress. 

Gyms didn’t exist many years ago. Cardio is a concept that didn’t exist many years ago. What was real many years ago was how we were naturally designed to live.

We should perform activities such as walking, swimming, maybe rowing if we built boats. We can, at any point in time, cut wood for fire, use axes, build, use hammers, and so on and so forth. So we can perform physical activities, but in at least 90% of cases, we perform those activities without stress. 

We do not stress the body when we walk, we do not–or should not – stress the body when we swim. Also we should not stress the body when we do almost anything.

We sometimes want to become stronger and fitter and have more stamina. In this case, we can of course lift weights in the gym, once, twice, three times a week. We can increase our top speed in our sprint and do fast-paced running for short durations. We can of course do many, many other things. But these we should do with moderation because that is how we used to do them.

So, again, there are many, many other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including staying calm for the majority of the day. That is because, again, we should not live under so much stress.

We used to live in nature and the number of animals that could kill us was very limited. So we used to live in harmony for most of our lives. This is not true for most of the society today.

I hope this was useful and I hope you take at least some lessons from this. You can read more about what a wealthy, successful life means here. Thank you so much. Bye.

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