Sharing Wealth: How To Find A Business Partner

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Wealth in business comes with finding the right partner. I actually do not start any business without a partner. 

Every single business I went into, I’ve always looked for partners that I can work with. That’s because I’m the type of individual that does not really attach to things at all. I attach to people. 

So if I have at least one person in the business, I tend to be more committed to that business. Also, I always find partners that are outstanding within the field that the business will operate in. 

So, whether that is marketing, whether that is recruitment, whether that is software, it doesn’t matter. I always find partners that are outstanding within their field. And I use my specific set of skills to help that business build everything it needs internally and thrive from a revenue and growth perspective.

Wealth in business comes with finding the right partner

It is not at all easy to find individuals that are great partners. Not in business, nor in life. I have some businesses that are going very well. And that is because both myself and my partners are putting in the effort and the strategic input required to grow those businesses. 

However, those are the only businesses that the public sees and are behind the scenes. I also sometimes make bets on people that say that they can or they will do certain things. Then, we start or we go into business together and sometimes they end up being very disappointing. 

They do not do the work that they said they’re going to do. Or they are not as competent or as good as they showcase themselves to be. Or they’re not committed and they leave very quickly to chase something else. And so the businesses that I am in that are successful and that are growing are the ones that I’ve started where I have great partners.

You cannot know for sure, however, it’s best to choose people that you get along with very well. And that are very competent in what you need them to be competent in. Because no matter the amount of goodwill, if the other person isn’t competent, or does not have the willingness to become competent in a short period of time, then the business itself will fail. 

Obviously, it would be best if you would remain friends because that’s important. However, no matter how well you get along, if you are not competent in doing what needs to be done the way it needs to be done and in the time span it should be done for you to hit your goals, then how well you get along doesn’t matter from the businesses perspective. 

Okay, so be careful of those two things. Get along well with someone 1 agree on as people as principles as values and then 2 is competence. And that’s about it.

Otherwise, if you are the type that doesn’t commit, you cannot expect your partner to commit to your adventure. And if you are the type to commit to things, then if you resonate correctly with someone on values and principles, basically they should be the same as you from that perspective.

If you ever need to talk with someone, have any questions whatsoever, or just want to say hi, please email I’d love to meet you.


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