Achieving Wealth: How Can We Find Peace Of Mind

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A mind that embraces wealth is a mind that is peaceful. So the answer to this is very simple as a principle. It has just two points: 1 — to accept reality for what it is. Because reality is what it is whether we accept it or not. So might as well accept it and, I’m not saying agree with it. 

You can disagree with what’s going on in reality or you can agree. But acceptance is something totally different. So we have to accept it for what it is instead of being frustrated by it. 

And then 2 — to do the best we can and we know how with the resources we have. That’s it. It is as simple as that. We have to accept reality for what it is, as in for example: I am not good at SEO.

Okay. Now you know that’s the reality of what it is. So what am I going to do about it? Well, guess what? I can look at videos on YouTube. There are articles on the subject. I can join groups on Facebook where I can ask questions, and so on and so forth. 

Wealth comes with having initiative

So I can do things proactively to change the reality of my past situation. I can never change my current situation. My current situation I need to accept because my current situation is what it is. I cannot do anything right now for right now. I can only do something to change the future or to improve my future or someone else’s future. 

This present moment I cannot change because the present moment is less than a second. It’s always in motion. What I can change is the future whether that’s the future in 10 minutes than days, and weeks and months but I can change the future. 

So in doing that, I accept the my current reality and then I do everything I can to make my future self better than my present self or make my future reality better than the present reality. That’s it. Once we do those two things, we will find peace of mind.

We only lose when we refuse to accept reality

The only time we will be either stressed or angry or some people like to describe themselves as being depressed, that’s because they do not accept their present reality for what it is and they aren’t working towards making the future better. 

We only lose when we refuse to accept reality

That’s it. That’s the only way someone can be depressed. Because you cannot be depressed of the present moment. The present moment is what it is, whether we like it or not. And whether we accept it or not. If we are not accepting of the present or who we are or how we are or how the world is. We will just keep being sad, sad and frustrated or whatever else.

But once we do accept, okay, this is how I am. That’s it. Now from now on. I can change anything about myself and I can change anything about the exterior world once I actually start working on it. Then that’s it. You have no time to be upset, you have no time to be frustrated because guess what? 

You can only work in the present moment. And if in the present moment you’re working to make yourself better or, or whatever else you’re working on. Then you will always have peace of mind was doing it because you know this is the best I can and that’s what I’m doing.

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