Wealth At Work

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Wealth at work means you get a sense of accomplishment and happiness at work, every single week.  Every week you feel you’re adding value. You feel that the things you do make you happy and add energy to your life. They get you excited and make you want to talk about them with others.

Someone that, let’s say, works in management gets excited about the possibility of helping their team work at their full potential. He enjoys shielding them from issues, supporting them when they have bottlenecks, and helping them create careers for themselves.

Someone that is a programmer gets satisfaction from solving puzzles and fixing issues within systems. It doesn’t matter if it is online or on the server or however they prefer. Everyone loves different things. 

If you’re a marketing person you will want to reach more and more people you can be of service to. You will want to show them how their lives could be better by using your products or services, but having that driven by ethics. I do not believe that you can be truly, truly happy if you are selling something that you do not believe will help others, for example. Or selling to someone that you don’t really believe that they will benefit from.

So, with marketing, you can get a sense of satisfaction when you reach people and they love the idea of your product. Then they buy it, and after that they leave you a review. They thank you for telling them about your product, because they didn’t know about it before.

So just like that, in every single career, no exception, you can find meaning, you can find purpose. You can add value to society, you can add value to your colleagues. You can basically become a productive and valuable member of the human race as a whole. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re adding true value to your family, and to everyone around. It doesn’t matter as long as that makes you happy and you do it in a loving way.  

This doesn’t mean it’s easy. Sometimes it can be very, very difficult, especially when we have big goals and we want to achieve a grand vision. But that can also excite us because it’s one thing to say “Oh, let’s help ten people this year” and it’s a totally different thing to say “Let’s help a million people this year.” That one million people goal gets you much more excited and gets and you find much more creative solutions toward.

A programmer can say “let me do one feature this week” or “let me try to become better than I ever was and try to find solutions to build three features this week”. But all these, of course, within the limits of health and wealth.

The more audacious your goals, the more exciting your vision, the more excitement you will also attribute to your work. The only thing we need to remember about setting audacious goals is that we might not meet them. But that doesn’t mean we cannot be excited by them and enjoy the process.

We can live to our full potential and we can enjoy every single hour of our work if we remember that we can contribute to others by doing our work. Our contribution matters. Every single human being matters, and what we do influences the world.

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