Why I Work On Weekends?

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There are quite a few people that cringe when I say I work on most weekends. They see it as a bad thing. Something they and everyone else should avoid.

As far as I see it, there are only 2 reasons why someone shouldn’t work on weekends:

  1. You don’t like your job/work/career.
  2. You want to relax, cool down, engage in hobbies, or spend time with family.

Number 1 is way way of course for me. Quite the opposite is true in my case. I could LOVE my work, my colleagues, my projects, and my mission more than I do. At least not in a healthy manner. 🙂

RE Number 2, though on weekends I do spend a significant amount of time with family or engaged in recuperative activities such as long walks in the park or reading, I don’t do that all day for two consecutive days.

So considering:

  1. I have leftover time for myself on weekends and
  2. I’m outstandingly passionate about my work and mission

I see no reason whatsoever not to fill in spare time with working on things I enjoy much more than just binge watching a series or playing video games.

Again, I get there are many many people out there that aren’t passionate about their careers, but those same people don’t know what it feels like to do work that you fully enjoy, are proud of, and are great at.

It fills you up with energy. It makes you happier. And everyone else in your life will benefit from it.

That’s why I work on weekends.

Thank you,

P.S.: If you ever need to talk with someone, have any questions whatsoever, or just want to say hi, please email me@robertindries.com. I’d love to meet you.

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