The Role Of Ethics In Achieving Wealth

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In order for us to understand wealth for what it is, we need to understand that no one that is experiencing wealth will intentionally make any action that is unethical or unjust.

That’s because wealth is a state of complete abundance, love, understanding, respect for others and yourself. One cannot combine that with unethical behaviour. 

You cannot treat people poorly intentionally and be wealthy. You cannot do things you know you should not do and be wealthy. They are opposites. 

One can only experience true wealth if their thoughts, words, and actions are aligned. And if those thoughts, words, and actions are aligned with the best version of themselves.

Of course, for every person, this is different, as the best version of ourselves will achieve different things. That is what it means to be part of society, part of the community, part of the human race.

Some people will become amazing writers of children’s books, that do not talk about deceit or saving a helpless princess or things of that nature, like in old folklore.

Instead, they will talk about the power each one of us has to change their circumstances. Or about how none of us needs someone else to save them from anything. How we can have the power to do anything we wish, and so on and so forth.

Others can build amazing solar power engines to help us travel intergalactically. Each one of us has their own talents, their own things that make them happy, and things they feel are their ways of contributing best to society and to our evolution. 

At the same time, you cannot experience true wealth if you do things in an unethical manner. They’re just opposites of one another.

If someone believes that they can attain wealth by stealing from others that is just them being deceitful towards themselves and them lying to themselves.

The same goes if they are treating others left than they would treat themselves. And the same goes for when they think they can get away with injustice or things of that nature.

One cannot achieve wealth without ethics.

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