What does a wealth coach mean?

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Wealth, as we define it, is a holistic way of living life by making sure that each one of your actions is as conscious as possible. A wealthy life also implies that we use all of our amazing faculties. Such faculties are memory, feeling emotions, envisioning the future, being scared of something, etc. For example, we can use those warnings that something might go wrong to then prevent things from going wrong.

Thus, the only thing a wealth coach needs to do is help people live in line with the best version of themselves. So if someone has a career in IT, or if someone is an artist, it is what they enjoy doing. In that career, they’re adding value to the company. They are becoming better and better at their craft. 

And at the same time, they are conscious of what they eat, or who they spend their time with. Or what books they decide to read. Or what videos or movies they decide to watch, what podcasts or audiobooks they decide to listen to, etc.

They are very conscious of the actions that they are doing both when they are alone and when they are with others. So when they are alone, they do not squander time, but instead they use it to get closer to their goals. Or they use time to unwind and just meditate, relax, pray, and recharge their own batteries so that they’re ready for another day or another few hours of productivity. 

And when they are with others, they’re calculating. Or they’re consciously thinking of what they do so that they do not offend someone. Or if the other person does take offence in what they said, instead of judging the other person, they just simply ask why they got offended or why they feel the way they feel and then they have a productive conversation about it. 

In other words, a person that is experiencing complete wealth is someone that tends to be at peace most of the time. They tend to see reality for what it is and they tend to accept reality for what it is. They tend to use whatever resources they have, whether that’s energy, capital, friends, connections, anything to just take society forward, to just do as much good as they can. 

A wealth coach is more than a financial consultant.

A wealth coach helps those people stay on that track and not take steps in the wrong direction. For example, if someone has an addiction to certain types of foods, or certain substances, or other forms of escapism, then it is the wealth coach’s responsibility to let them know that is against their goals and against them being conscious.

Because it’s an addiction. It’s something that you do not control. You’re not consciously doing it. People can say ”oh, no, I want to smoke”. But when you ask them if smoking is good for them, they say, “well, no, it’s not that okay”. Why would you do something that is not good for you, intentionally? Why would you intentionally do that? 

And they can say “because I want to”. Why would you want to intentionally harm yourself? Are you a masochist by any chance? Or do you find enjoyment in polluting yourself and then literally poisoning yourself with every smoke? Once you start talking with them, realistically, you will find that people smoke because they have an addiction. People eat bad food like fast food because they they have an addiction to it. They eat sugar because they have an addiction. 

People do many, many things because they are addicted. They have lost control of their faculties. They cannot control themselves. So what we can do is practice remaining in control. Practice being aware of our emotions, and noticing when urges kick in to do something that otherwise isn’t in line with our goals, and instead decide to do things that are. A wealth coach is someone that helps you do that. 

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