Cultivating Patience And Wealth

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Wealth cannot be achieved by being impatient. This is a bit trickier to explain because everyone has their own levels of patience and many times that depends on what personalities we have.

Some of us are just naturally more impatient than others.

I know people that can do the same activity, day after day after day, every single day, for years and even decades, and still have the patience to keep going.

And I know people that do the same thing for two weeks or even one week and they say, “Gosh, this is so hard and difficult and why don’t I see results?” and so on.

Regardless of where you are on that spectrum, you will notice that impatience is not good. You will understand that to have patience, to work little by little, step by step, day by day on your goals is a good thing.

The simplest way I can explain or I can be of service to help people that are impatient is to remind them to listen to their higher level of consciousness, to listen to their gut feelings.

Basically, to listen to the truth. And the truth is that patience towards whatever it is that we do always pays dividends in the long run.

We can of course decide, at any point in time, to change direction.

Wealth cannot be achieved by being impatient.

For example, let’s say we are a person that does marketing, and we want to make SEO work and we try that. We do it daily for 10 days, 20 days, 30 days, and we’re not seeing results. We can say “Okay, well, this isn’t working. I’m going to change direction.” 

At the same time, you know that other people have figured this out, other people have made this work. So instead of changing direction on something that you know should work, instead of sort of giving up on something and moving to something else, which is very typical of people that don’t have patience, instead of that you can improve your strategy. 

For example, let’s say you do social media for a week, and you don’t get any new clients or nothing really happens. You can’t tell how this is adding value to the long run.

You try changing it up, you learn a bit more, you analyze the people that are doing it well, and you keep on this constant and never-ending cycle of improvement.

Something amazing happens when you do that. You never feel impatient anymore, because you constantly feel a level of internal progress. You’re constantly getting better.

Obviously, it might negatively affect you that you don’t have results after a week. However, I can tell you that the rate at which you get results is almost directly correlated with the rate at which you make improvements on your tactics, on your strategy.

You might have a strategy of “let me post on social media every day”. And then you get no leads – then you know that strategy is not okay. You don’t need to keep doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result.

That is, by Albert Einstein’s words, the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over, and over again and expecting a different result.

I have conversations about this with entrepreneurs all the time. They do something and they keep doing it, and they keep doing it, and they keep doing it, but it doesn’t get any results.

Have you changed your strategy? Have you changed your scripts? Or have you learned more about how to do this properly? Did you invest in a course? Did you invest in a book? Have you actually read the book? Have you actually made tweaks to your strategy based on that book? Etc, etc, etc.

So once you stop focusing on the outcome itself, you start focusing on the process of constantly becoming better at attaining that outcome.

The outcome in itself isn’t something you could impact. The outcome, by definition is a result. You’re looking to get a certain result or certain outcome. By definition, you cannot directly impact that.

The only thing you can impact is how well and how quickly you are going to attain that result through the things that you’re doing on a daily basis. As a result, you can now see that the better you do the things you do, the faster you’re going to get to that outcome. 

Abraham Lincoln said that if you gave him one hour to cut down a tree, he would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening his axe. I don’t like the metaphor in itself. Because I don’t like the idea of cutting down trees for no good reason. However, It’s a very good metaphor for constantly investing in yourself.

So you take an hour, or two, or three, to do the action that you propose yourself to do. Whether that’s reaching out to people on social media, whether that’s posting, you do that. And then you take another hour, or two hours to see how you could do it better tomorrow.

You ask yourself “How could I do better? How can I improve my strategy?”. And you keep doing that. You keep sharpening your saw every single day. Or every single week at least, if it’s not something you could or is feasible to improve every day.

This is how one achieves wealth. It’s a constant struggle. The moment you start doing that, you will notice that more, and more, and more patience just magically comes upon you. Because you cannot be impatient with the process anymore. The process keeps changing. And your way of implementing everything keeps evolving.

So you’re never actually doing the same thing over and over again. You’re doing it better and better every single week. And that is how you stop being impatient with things.

Instead of focusing on the goal, you just have the goal in mind. You have the outcome in mind, but you focus on making the process better and better and making the strategy better and better. At the end of it, you will feel so much more rewarded.

There’s also a saying, “It’s not about making a million dollars. It’s about the person you become on the journey to get there”. This is true in all aspects of wealth and all aspects of our lives.

It’s true in health, regarding what I need to learn about my body and how food impacts my body. And how movements impact my body. How my muscles and my joints and my bones work together. All of this is invaluable.

The moment I become the healthiest version of myself, I not only attained the outcome that I wanted, but I am now also able to maintain that for the rest of my life and keep improving it even further.

Hopefully this helps and gives you a better perspective on how to stop being impatient and how to start living in a constant flow of self-improvement. And that should help you on your journey.

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