Wealth: The Road To Success

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Despite wealth being one of my dearest interests, I believe that in business anything is possible. You can be a bad individual with a hidden agenda. You can be someone with only money on your mind. Or someone with all of the wrong things combined, and still be a very successful business person.

There are some presidents of countries that are very successful from every standpoint – in running their country. And yet they’re doing very bad things. And I think they are, at this point in time, bad individuals.

At the same time I’m not sure if that is the best question to ask…

“The only thing you need to do to become a wealthy, successful business person is to make your business a priority”

In order for a business to succeed, so in order for you to be a good or a successful business person, the only thing you need to change in your life is to make your business a priority. That’s it.

The only thing you need to do is to give it the attention it deserves to learn as much as possible about the industry, about your clients, about your employees, about your products.

Also, you need to be mindful of any other products and services that are on the market. To keep adapting your service or your products. To fit the buying requirements or the desires of the people that buy from you. 

Just be there for your business whenever it needs you. It’s like a son or a daughter, it always needs you. And yes, once they grow up, they need you less and less because the business becomes more independent as it grows.

You won’t be there all the time. The business can just grow. At the beginning it’s like a baby, you need to feed it every day. 

If it has health issues, which in the business are financial issues, guess what? As a parent, you lose sleep. As a parent you need to work more, you need to be there more, you need to do more.

That’s the only thing you need, to make it a priority. If you do not make it a priority, you cannot expect yourself to be a successful business person. 

If that is the answer that you’re looking for, on how to be a successful business person, then that’s what it is.

“What you should ask yourself is how to reach wealth and how to become a successful and ethical business person…”

I would go one step further and ask what do I need to change in my life to become a successful and ethical business person, which are two different things. Ethics is more related with wealth than business is, but ethics should be part of your business.

There are millions and millions of successful business people out there, and I believe many of them are not ethical. However, I also believe a good, good amount of them are ethical.

Wealth doesn’t rely only on money

So we are to look at the people that are ethical and try to mimic their habits and their traits, personality traits that we can appreciate as human beings. 

And whenever we hear about, or witness something that may be unethical we have to react.

Or even in our own experience whenever we do something wrong and then we learn about it, because I hope no one does unethical things intentionally, we should stop.

But if we do something that’s unethical and then we learn that it was not okay, then we try to not do it again.

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