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As we think we understand that every person is different, most of the time people just say it, but they don’t truly understand what that means. They really don’t conceptualize what those differences mean.

For example, you see people doing a certain type of workout and eating in a certain way and then they get certain results: they become very muscular, they become lean, they don’t have any pains. It just works for them. So they put that on youtube and thousands of other people follow it.

Many of those people will eat the exact same way that person eats and will do the exact same thing that the other person does. However, they may observe they have inflammation in their body, or aches and pains. Maybe they will not get the results that the other person got in the same time frame, even though their starting point was very similar.

So they go and ask themselves ”Why am I not getting their results?” or ”Why am I going through this and they haven’t?” That simple question tells you that the person, just like most human beings, doesn’t truly understand that each one of us is different. 

Likewise, one medical treatment provided to a patient might have a very different effect on another patient. People expect medicine and treatments and nutrition to apply to them in the same way: ”if it worked for somebody else, it should work for me too”, or ”if this treatment for this illness is a good one, that means it must work for me as well”.

Well, no. You are a unique individual and you need to start to understand that. Fully understand that, not just say that we’re all unique and so on and so forth. It’s like a trend now: everyone says ”Oh, we’re all unique, every business is unique, every person is unique”, and so on and so forth.

But people don’t really understand it. And when it comes to aspects that matter, like in values, like in believes, like in things that actually impact your life, people just forget that everyone is unique. They forget that no one has to live the same life, no one has to be in a certain way, or react in a certain way to various things from the outside. 

So, that being said, even though all of us can have unique desires, unique values, unique beliefs, unique aspirations, there are a few that seem to be a must every single time when someone is to enjoy wealth to its fullest.

Constantly seeking wisdom and knowledge and betterment, because you cannot be fully wealthy if you’re not constantly evolving.

Number one – the first value would be that of taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life. That means everything that you do, everything your friends do and everything everyone else does. It means taking responsibility for your context. If you like your job or dislike it, it’s your responsibility. It might be the job’s problem, it might be your problem.

If you do not have the amount of capital you would like to have in your bank account, that’s your responsibility as well. It does not matter if you should have more capital in your bank. We’re not judging that. We are judging whether you believe you should have more or not.

Some people are outstandingly happy having ten thousands dollars in their bank. They know that they can survive, they know that ”for the next 6 months I have no problems, I can lose my job, I can lose everything, in 6 months I can get it back”. They’re just at peace, they’re happy.

Someone else that has a different expectation for their life, they might look at ten thousand dollars and say ”Oh, I should be at a hundred thousand, right now, or I should be at a million right now”, or whatever. We don’t judge that and that’s a very good segway to the next point.

No one that is truly wealthy judges others. We just don’t. I don’t think that someone is greedy or not greedy, I don’t think that someone should dress in a certain way and not in another way, or someone should speak in a certain way and not in another way. Everyone can do whatever they want.

There is this trend now, of people getting offended. Everyone and anyone just gets offended by anything someone else says or does. I like to ask those people if they’re religious or spiritual, and a vast majority of them say yes, so I tell them ”Well, if that’s the case, then why are you judging this person?” That’s not your job. You have God, or you have Jesus, you have Allah, or you have the universe, or whatever, karma.

“Others have the responsibility to judge a person on their death. Many people believe that, so why are you doing the judging work?” It’s quite the opposite, in the Bible for example it says that you should love thy neighbour. Loving thy neighbour is the opposite of judging them for whatever it is that they did. Judging someone for any form of words or actions is definitely not something we should do. 

Obviously, if we go into extremes, for example someone just killed someone else ,or is killing animals, or is cutting down trees, or whatever. We can discuss that with that person and we can apply proper punishments. We can try to understand why did they do that, and what can we do to make sure they don’t do it again. What can we do to make sure they understand the severity of their actions, but without judgement.

If someone, for example, is cutting down trees in the forest, we need to ask them ”Why are you doing that?”. In most cases it’s not out of pleasure. In most cases someone paid them to do that or they’ve gone rogue to do that. But they’ve gone rogue because their family is starving and they have no other means of getting money. This is the only means that they know how to do.

So then we can obviously enforce punishment because they did something illegal, but at the same time have a conversation with that person and help them find a career that is productive, that actually helps take humanity forward.

For example, if they like cutting down trees and being lumberjack, maybe there’s a job somewhere where they do that. They cut down all trees, which is something they should be doing because old trees can rot and infest the forest. So you cut down the old ones and then plant new ones. Maybe he’ll love that, if he actually loves being in the forest and maintaining forests and so on.

So, again, acting, being responsible for everything around us, but not judging anything. I don’t judge whether what happened now is good or bad. That’s besides the point. Let’s look at the consequences of what’s going on, locally and globally, and then let’s decide based on that.

A third value would be the value of constantly seeking wisdom and knowledge and betterment. This is because you cannot be fully wealthy if you’re not constantly evolving. Stagnation is the equivalent of death.

If you look at life versus death you will notice something very, very clearly. Death is represented by stillness, by motionless, by being static, a lack of movement, a lack of emotion. Whereas in terms of life, life is constantly flowing. Life is motion, life is emotion, life is everything that has to do with that.

As a result, the brain functions in a very similar way as it keeps needing to evolve. It keeps needing to become wiser and better. We will never be happy if we start stagnating, with regards to our career path, with regards to our knowledge, with regards to our imagination, creativity, and so on and so forth. Moreover, you will notice that many times you are at your happiest when you’re progressing.

So, these three values thus far tend to be the values that every single person that wants to experience wealth should have. And there are many others that are recommended, but they will all fall within one of these three.

For example, if you would say that the value of family and having a happy family is important, then you will notice that that would fall under taking responsibility for yourself and everything around you. And it might also fall under lack of judging others.

So if I take full responsibility for my actions and my words, I will never offend my wife, or I will very rarely offend her, and if I do, and I take responsibility, I will also take responsibility for saying I’m  sorry and explaining why I did what I did, why now I believe it’s not the right thing to do, and it wasn’t, and what am I going to do to try to better myself in our relationship next time. 

With regards to judgement, if they say or do something I don’t like, instead of getting angry, or upset, or offended, what I do is I write down my thoughts. And then I have a productive conversation with them, on the subject, and I ask ”What made you say that? Why did you feel like saying that, or doing that? I just want to understand.”

Then, with regards to wisdom, I would constantly seek to better my relationships. I would constantly seek to read books that are aligned with the value of family. As in how to have productive conversations, how to love my spouse the way that they want to be loved, how to educate my children or how to treat them, how to help them become responsible individuals, productive individuals, and so on and so forth. 

You will notice that every other value that someone uniquely wants in their life, will fall within these three. If I have the value of family, that doesn’t mean someone else has to have that. If I have the value of being a good father, that does not mean someone else has to have that.

I know people that like being single. They just love it and they connect in other ways. They’re very connected with themselves, they love themselves, not in a narcissistic way, but in a truly loving way. They’re at peace with themselves, they can spend hours alone, and they are very, very happy.

They are also connected with friends, digitally and live, in person. But they do not feel the need to share the bed with someone, or to share a house. They really don’t feel that. Likewise, they don’t really like children. When I say they don’t like children, I don’t mean that they hate them or that they have something against them. They would just prefer not to have them in their own lives.

So, we should remember that we are all unique. And we should remember to not judge others just because they want different things than we do. They don’t have to want what we do. 

So, as long as someone has those three values, then they should become wealthy if they aren’t already. But they need to take 100% responsibility for their actions and their life. They need to stop judging the things that happens in their lives. And then, they need to always seek to become more, to create more, to learn more, to do more.

Because once you fully immerse yourselves in those values, and if you’ve truly become one with those values, wealth will come into your life  Faster than you would ever expect, because you will become at peace, and you will experience a sense of abundance much quicker than you would have imagined.

Again, if you truly, truly, live those values, not if you live them for a week and then you stop. So, hopefully this helps. This was a long article, but if it adds value, then it was worth it. Thank you so much 

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