Why Is Wealth The Most Important Thing In Life?

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This question is a very interesting one, because it touches a little bit on the purpose of life. 

What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? What should we do with our lives? I believe the purpose of life is constant growth and creation. You can see that all across nature. 

Once an apple tree reaches its maturity, it will release apples to the ground, part of which will be eaten by animals. Part of the fruit will go into the ground and will create new apple trees.

Those new apple trees will then grow. Some of them might not make it to actually grow and become new apple trees, but quite a few of them will. 

And then they will create another apple tree, and another apple tree, and come back 20-30-40 years later, you will see an entire orchard, a beautiful, beautiful orchard of amazing apple trees. 

We have examples like that everywhere in nature. It is the purpose of every living being to constantly grow, to constantly reach its full potential, to make the world a better place. 

The apple tree does it by producing more beautiful and delicious apples. People can do it by doing outstanding work in whatever field they choose that makes them happy and that allows them to leave a positive impact or contribution to society or to their community. 

For example, if we have a person that is interested or that is passionate about technology, that person can become an inventor or they can become part of a team that invents things. 

They don’t need to be Edison. They can join a team that builds amazing products and they can be part of that team. Or they can do whatever else they want. 

And in inventions, for example, you can build technology that helps with transportation. You can build technology that helps within the medical sector – like medical robots or scanning devices. 

Within technology you can create things that help improve people’s lives, such as better microwaves, better computers, better gadgets, anything that would improve people’s lives, so that they can focus more on whatever they want to do. 

Or if you are, for example, a person that thrives and gets most of their energy from helping others, you can join a team that has that as its main purpose. 

Whether they do that through online content, or through live events, or through books, or through organising certain types of initiatives around the community to help others. 

It doesn’t matter how, but if that’s what makes you happy, that’s what gives you energy, then that is what you should be doing. And so the reason why attaining wealth is the most important thing that anyone can do is because that is what we are all meant to do.

Each and every single one of us can have a positive impact on the world. And if 8 billion people come together and all of them use their lives to make the world a better place, then we would experience an era of abundance and peace and kindness and progress unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.

We are part of that movement. The more people we help, the bigger the ripple effect. There are bad things happening in the world only because there are people that believe that doing those bad things is what they should be doing. 

And so if we change the perception of those people and we say “no, you shouldn’t yell at people or you shouldn’t beat them, you shouldn’t do those things” and they understand both intellectually and at a deeper level, why they shouldn’t be doing those things, even those people – and I’ve seen things like this happen – those people will literally break into tears when they realise the bad that they’ve done. And that’s when you can tell that that person had no idea they were doing a bad thing. 

I remember I cried like crazy when at one point in my life I became conscious and I realised that when I was younger I was torturing my cats, but I didn’t know that. When I was younger I was playing with them. I was just squeezing them because I loved them. And I was throwing them around. I played with them like they were toys, you know? 

And then when I became older I said to myself “What did I do to my poor kittens? I love them so much” and I started crying my eyes out. I felt so bad. “Why did I do that? I shouldn’t have done it”. I didn’t know, I didn’t understand, no one taught me that I can do bad things to another being.

So when we educate people, then they become better. I’ve done some journaling the other day and that is actually the world class problem I want to solve during my lifespan: to educate and support society. That’s what I want to do.

Because I realise that if we do that correctly then everyone will experience a level of wealth enough so that they only do good things at least. And if that’s true, then again, there will be no more war, there will be no more bullying, no more attacking…That’s what I want to do.

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