What Does It Mean To Have Wealth in your Life

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In my mind, success is related to wealth. A successful life is one in which I, or anyone for that matter, experiences complete wealth.

We have already defined wealth in another article, but to put it simply, complete wealth is when we live with integrity, as human beings.

This means that everything we think is in line with everything we say, which is also in line with everything we do. So everything we think, say, and do is in complete coherence, is in complete harmony.

When that happens, something miraculous happens: we can now live with complete responsibility for our lives.

I cannot think that I want a better life without telling the world, and then actually doing what I need to do to have a better life. 

Unhappiness comes when we think that we want a better life for ourselves but we either don’t openly recognize it, or we don’t do anything to change. our current situation.

For example, someone may think they want a better life and they may complain to all of their friends about what a bad life they have. Or about how they don’t have enough money, or how they don’t have the career they want. Or how they don’t have the apartment they want, or whatever.

They’re not really doing what they need to do. They might think they are, but obviously, they’re not. If they would be, then they wouldn’t need to complain, because they would be on their road to a better life. 

From every single standpoint, the issue is that many people link monetary wealth with success. If I have more money, I will do this. Or if I have more money, I will be like this. If I have more money I would donate, or I will learn to manage money better, etc.

But life does not work that way because financial success is just one aspect of true, complete wealth.

Everything else matters just as much. Health matters just as much, love in your life matters just as much. It’m important to have love and connection either with a spouse, or with family, with friends, divinity, the Universe, or with nature. But love should always be a part of life. You do not need to love a specific person or specific people. As long as you have love in your life, you will know.

You will also know when you do not. When you have love in your life, you live differently and you wake up differently and you go to bed differently. All these just because there is love in your life.

So, there are many, many aspects to a successful life. And we all define the specifics of what success means for us. However, there are some things that are complete fundamentals for every single human being and those are non-negotiable.

At the same time, because we are so different, we will find that the things that make us happy do not need to align with society’s definition of what should make someone happy.

For me, for example, spending a Sunday morning together with my beautiful wife in a little café, reading books and enjoying a hot tea, is complete bliss.

I cannot be happier than that especially if whilst reading I can feel her close to me. I don’t need anything else. And that costs very little money. Two books may cost 20-30 dollars max., two hot cups of tea might cost 10 dollars, and that’s it.

And, obviously, it’s a very, very specific thing that I love, and everyone has whatever they love. In conclusion, I believe that having a successful life means attaining complete wealth.

And we will talk about wealth many, many times from now on. If you would like to read more about how success shapes your life you can do it here or here. Thank you. Bye.

P.S.: If you ever need to talk with someone, have any questions whatsoever, or just want to say hi, please email me@robertindries.com. I’d love to meet you.

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