Fear And Doubt

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I feel them every day.

Am I doing the what’s right?
Will that deal close?
Do I have what it takes to achieve my goals?
Will I have enough to make payroll?

I made my first million dollars by the time I was 25. I thought after that it’s going to get easier. “Things will solve themselves somehow” I used to say to myself.

But things never solve themselves. And if they do, the next fear or doubt will creep in without delay.

We are designed to fear. We are designed to have a certain level of paranoia. It’s how we’ve survived for so long.

But we must not let those emotions dominate our thoughts and take control of us. There is no advantage to giving in to fear. Instead, we are to use fear and doubts for what they were designed to do in the first place: warn us of a potential future.

The key words there are ‘warn’ and ‘potential.’

You cannot fear the present moment. This moment is the way it is.

You can only fear a potential future outcome.

So in reality, fear is nothing more than a warning.

It’s your mind telling you to be careful–to prepare.

Not to squander, but to prepare.

Think of it as foresight, or clairvoyance. You’re seeing a potential future–sometimes quite vividly. I don’t know if you realize in that moment, but that is something that hasn’t happened yet…

Is it not a miracle we’re able to see into a potential future? Is it not a gift that helps us do today everything that we can to create the future we want, instead of the one we don’t?

I personally think it is.

We are the dominant species on Earth for a reason. And our ability to think–to envision, to plan, to do things differently–is that reason.

Do not allow yourself to torture yourself with this gift. It is meant to help you, not harm you.

Let fear and doubt have their place in your life. They will save your butt thousands of times during your lifetime.

Thank them for being there. They’re on your side. It is you who has not decided to communicate effectively with them.

The next time you’re scared, or you doubt yourself, stop for a brief moment, inhale slowly, and say: Thank you.

Thank you for taking care of me. For showing me what might happen, so that I can avoid it by being prepared.

Once that’s done, take our your pen or keyboard, and write down everything you can do to create the future outcome you actually want.

Then, get going. Your ideal future isn’t going to create itself.

You are the director of your own life. You are the author of this story.

Make the next chapter count.

Thank you,

P.S.: If you ever need to talk with someone, have any questions whatsoever, or just want to say hi, please email me@robertindries.com. I’d love to meet you.

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