Achieving Wealth: How To Become Successful

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Everyone can have their own path towards wealth and they can do whatever they want to do. However, there are some almost universally applicable aspects of a wealthy life that will help everyone be a better version of themselves. 

One area that is very important is how we allow or how much we allow ourselves to have negative thoughts or emotions. And when I say negative I don’t mean good or bad, because I don’t believe in good or bad.

When I say negative I mean, just like you would say pH negative. As in the negative spectrum of energy and emotions which can harm you and can harm others. 

For example, how often do we allow ourselves to get angry? How often do we allow ourselves to yell at others? Or How often do we allow ourselves to lie? How often did we allow ourselves to give into cravings that we know are bad first? 

So these mental patterns that we engage in I feel are the most important part or area of our lives, that if we improve, we will always be better people. And anything other than that, I feel falls within the realm of subjectivity.

Obviously, good health is not subjective. We should keep eating the right foods. We should keep treating our bodies with the respect they deserve. Because they are miracles of biology and chemistry and everything that has gone into the evolutionary process. 

When we look at working on our minds that one area, we will find that if we work on our minds, and we remove negative thoughts or negative thinking patterns that harm us, or those around us, typically, we will find that we will, by default, also become healthier.

Because one of the things that happens when we start investing in taking the time required to analyze what we say and what we do during a given day, and find ways in which we can do better or if we’ve said something mean today to someone taking note of that, and then calling them or talking with them or meeting them, or writing them to apologize for what we said or what we did.

Not to explain why we did it, but just because we made them, you know, upset. Sometimes we can control if someone gets upset by something we’ve done. We just need to see has that been from a productive or beneficial energy or state of mind? Or has that been from anger or frustration or fear or anything else as such? 

Wealth is the first step towards success. One cannot be wealthy and not be successful. Of course, it depends on how you define success.

If this one thing we get right, then everything else in our life will just fall into place. We need to be in the mindset of constantly ensuring that we remove the negativity. But not in a bubble type of way.

Let’s say you have some issues, personally, whether that’s health issues, you have some things that you really need to check up or they’re financial issues or any type of issues. You need to deal with those head on. 

What I’m talking about is removing the anger associated with that or the frustration or the fear. Then allowing your mind to look at it for what it is you say, okay, well, I have this illness. I’ve either brought it upon myself or I’ve gotten it from my parents or I had an accident and someone hit me with their car. 

The reality is that okay, that just happens. So what am I going to do about instead of saying in a negative energy, we immediately go into a creative energy and we become one with creation.

And when we are one with creation, we can find better solutions for things. And overall, we will be happier overall, we will take better choices in all areas of our life. So that’s my answer. 

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