Health And Wealth

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Not everyone in the world can be completely healthy by choice.

Some people are born with health issues. If you are one of the billions of lucky people that have two functioning legs, two functioning hands, two functioning ears or eyes, and so on and so forth, you’re a complete functioning human being.

You should obviously start by being grateful for that because not everyone has that blessing.

For the people that cannot be healthy, they are born or genetically predisposed to have certain illnesses, they will obviously have to live their lives within those constraints.

However, they can still be very, very happy and they can still enjoy complete wealth within the health constraints that they were provided.

Pain, in life, is a natural and normal thing. Some people experience much, much more of it than others, which might seem unfair.

However, though we all feel pain, and we all have felt pain and we’ll continue to feel pain in the future, misery, and suffering are optional.

Misery and suffering are decisions. We chose to suffer pain, we chose to live in misery. Pain is a stimulus to the brain. And just like every other stimulus, we can control it, we can manage it, and use it.

So, again, it can be much harder for some that are genetically predisposed to endure or to experience more pain than others. However, the rule, or the concept, or the principle does not change.

Each one of us feels pain. But some of us decide to not give it our lives, but instead to live with it and use it to fuel us to go further.

So, with that being said, I can say that wealth and health are inseparable. You cannot have one without the other. The only thing I would mention is that you can have complete health without complete wealth.

You can be very, very healthy. But still not experience the full level of love or financial freedom, or career satisfaction that you can.

A wealthy lifestyle is a healthy one.

So health is a part of wealth, while complete wealth eclipses health. We should always try to live or to create complete wealth within our lives, which includes health. A healthy lifestyle is one of the prerequisites for wealth.

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