Achieving Wealth: Growth And Stagnation

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To begin with, I believe that in wealth there is no such thing as stagnation. Because the world is in constant motion, every single cell in our body is vibrating. Every cell in every other living organism and even things that we do not consider living organisms, like walls and rocks and everything else –the atoms in those objects are also always in motion.

So there is no such thing as stagnation. You either live more or you die a little bit more.

In business, your business either keeps growing, or it starts dying. You may be saying “Well no, because my business has been at $2 million for the past two, three years”. But during those same two, three years, your competitors have grown and your market share has probably diminished. 

The more we evolve, the more humans are on the planet. The more services they need, the more products they need, and so on and so forth. If you’re selling the exact same amount that you sold three years ago, that means that you have less and less of the market share.

You’re becoming a smaller and smaller business. So that means that you’re actually slowly dying. Very slowly or very quickly. Depends how quickly your industry moves.

I believe that in wealth there is no such thing as stagnation.

So there isn’t an option to stagnate. You’re either using your life to grow, to create, to evolve, to learn to do good, or you’re wasting your life. That’s it, there is no stagnation. Let’s say you are just sitting around on your couch all day, watching Netflix or doing anything else. If you’re not adding actual value to your family, to your community, to your work, you’re basically slowly dying.

And that’s just it. Because time passes, whether you do something productive or not. And by the way, productive might mean spending some time with family or meeting with a friend. That can be very productive if you’ve been working all week. You need to take a break, to the weekend and then you go meet someone or you read a nice book or you do something else. 

Productive doesn’t always need to mean that you’re working on your career. Productive can mean that you are using your time to make you happier in a way that isn’t diminishing to either your health or your self image.

Because no one who ever looked in their past 10 years, said “Oh, I’m so proud that I watched 10,000 hours of Netflix”. No one says that. They can say “Oh, I’m very proud for taking care of my health.” Or “I’m very proud of all of the books I’ve read.” Or “I’m very proud of the people I’ve helped.

Typically, the gut feeling tells us whether whatever we’re doing is in line with nature, as in it’s in line with creation and we’re doing things that will make the world a better place or that we’re just dying off that we’re just, you know, the way we say it in Romania is creating shade on Earth.

And that’s basically it. So we don’t want to be a shade. We want to be the shining light in the room. We want to make everyone happier and help people.

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