Habits And Wealth

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Wealth is difficult to grasp and I have a very different opinion on habits than most people do.

Once people start talking about habits, and “understand the power of habits”, many of them find them appealing. At one level or another, they get excited by the prospect of them, living their best lives on autopilot. This is without thinking about it, without even being conscious about it.

What excites them is that I don’t need to think about working out, I work out. I don’t need to think about eating a healthy meal – I, by default, eat a healthy meal. I don’t think about x, y, z, and by default, I do it.

In other words, they’re excited by the prospect of living their lives on autopilot. And I don’t like it. I don’t like the idea of it and I don’t like even the prospect of it. 

What point is there in living “your best life” without being conscious while doing it? You’re on autopilot. You’re as similar to a robot as possible.

These robots are productive 24/7. They’re just in a constant flow of productivity because they know what they have to do at the exact time and the exact way they need to do it. And I don’t find that attractive at all.

So, I do believe that there is a lot of potential, a lot of power in creating the habits that will help you attain the levels of success and wealth that you want.

Still, I don’t believe that should ever be for the purpose of doing them on autopilot. Because that takes away from your power and that takes away from your mental capacity as a human being. 

There are wealthy habits as well

However, I also like to have habits. For example, I like the habit of fasting every single day. Every day I try to keep the window in which I eat as small as possible. And on most days I manage to eat just one meal a day. I have one very good meal and I even call it a Feast.

I feast, I eat as much as I want, obviously of healthy food, because if I eat unhealthy food, no amount of fasting will help me, or not as much as it could if I would give my body the nutrients it needs to repair itself and to live a very good life.

So that’s one habit that I have. Another habit that I have is going on walks as many times as I can, daily if I can. Another habit that I have is hugging and kissing my wife every single morning, no exceptions.

If we’re in the same house every single morning, we cuddle up, we hug, we kiss each other. We say “good morning”, we say “I love you” and so on and so forth.

But I don’t do that on autopilot. I have no intention of doing that on autopilot. I have no intention of going for a walk on autopilot.

Instead, I have my full intention of being there present with my wife. Seeing how beautiful she is, looking at her, hugging her because I want to, kissing her because I want to. 

I go out for a walk and I enjoy the scenery. I feel the wind on my cheeks, I see the leaves, I see the other people that are walking about in their own lives. Or I see a dog that is outstandingly happy to be outside, it’s like the best thing that has happened to them their entire life. I love that.

And I take all of that in, and I am conscious of whilst I’m doing it. So yes, I do believe in the power of habits. But at the same time, I believe in doing them consciously.

Wealth comes with staying fit

Another habit that I have is going to the gym. And I kid you not, even though almost everyone wants to go to the gym, I think 90% of people have a bad taste of it.

They are like, “Oh, I need to go to the gym”, or they go to the gym, and they feel like it’s some form of struggle or a sacrifice of their time and their life energy that they’re doing to go to the gym. It’s not.

It’s a decision, you want to, you know it’s good for you. Why are you not enjoying it? That doesn’t make any sense. Once you start to analyze it, you will see that the only reason you’re not enjoying it is because of your internal dialogue, which is very off. 

If you have the economical power and the opportunity to safely go to a gym and work out, you do not understand probably just how blessed you are. And just how lucky you are to be able to live in a society that allows you to do that.

We all have the potential to be wealthy

There are many, many areas of the world where you can’t do that. People don’t even think of going to the gym. People think “Will I eat anything today?” They think “Can I feed my children tomorrow?” and they think “How can I protect my children from the imminent dangers in my country or in my region?”

Those are real issues, those are real things that people are dealing with. And then on the other side of the world, there are people that believe going to the gym is a struggle. But it’s obviously not.

So yes, I believe in habits, but I believe we should do them consciously. And I believe we should just live our entire lives as consciously as we can.

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