Wealth And Finding Motivation

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Wealth comes once we start taking 100% responsibility for every aspect of our lives. Then we will also be intrinsically motivated the way others are every single day.

Only if we have not yet taken full responsibility for our lives, only then do we need to seek motivation. Only then do we need to find ways in which we will get ourselves to do the things we want to do.

Part of taking 100% responsibility is to have a purpose for everything that you do and I call this living with intention. 

Once you start living with purpose and living with intention, you will notice that passion is being created within you. Motivation and desire start coming from within you.

The reason why this is an amazing place to be is that the quantity of passion and excitement and motivation that can come from within you is limitless. It is truly limitless.

Wealth means limitless passion and excitement and motivation

You can, at any point in time, tap into your own reserves of desire, of living, of creating, of expression of self. You will notice that this does not take away from your energy, but instead it gives you energy. 

A woman that has children and is a single mother will find the energy within herself to work the jobs that she needs to work. And she will also prepare food and clean and so on and so forth. That does not mean that she does not experience stress. That does not mean that she does not experience fear, or things of that nature. Those are things that we all experience.

However, that woman gets up in the morning and gets going to do what she sets out to do so that she can take care of and provide for her family. I said a woman but obviously, a father can be the same way. 

The moment you are living with purpose, you’re living with intention and you’re taking responsibility for everything in your life. Then energy is abundant. Then you do not need to find the motivation to do things, but you actually go and do those things.

Wealth comes once we start taking 100% responsibility for every aspect of our lives

The same person that is trying to take care of their children and working a lot, that same person can seek to get promotions. Or they can apply for jobs that would pay them more for less working hours. 

Just because someone is in a certain moment of their lives right now, it doesn’t mean they’re stuck there. If they’re not at the level of income they desire that does not mean that they can’t have it. The same goes if they don’t have the relationship that they want, or they don’t have the physical aesthetics or weight or health that they want,

The only thing that means is that until now they haven’t completely lived with intention. They have allowed themselves to eat that dessert or that piece of cake. They have allowed themselves to drink the energy drinks, they have allowed themselves to smoke. Also, they have allowed themselves to do everything that they know they shouldn’t be doing.

Now, that doesn’t mean that they had it easy. That doesn’t mean that if they would have had the time to go to the grocery store, they wouldn’t have. Maybe then they would buy the right vegetables and ingredients and make a great and healthy meal. It just means that they didn’t, as a result of their circumstances, or as a result of focusing on other parts of their lives instead of this one. 

Wealthy people do not judge each other

There can be a very thin line in which people can be very quick to judge one another. I know a lot of people that see others and see that they are overweight, and then immediately judge them for it. But we don’t know what’s in the life of that person. They’re obviously overeating for some reason. We don’t know why.

However, we shouldn’t judge them before we understand their context and before we have a conversation with them. If we never have a conversation with them on the topic we just leave it be for what it is. We accept others for who they are because they have their own struggles, they have their own stresses, they have their own lives.

Just because we can physically see that something is wrong, that doesn’t mean that the person that looks perfectly healthy on the outside, isn’t going through a horrible divorce that they provoked for themselves. Or anything else for that matter.

They might be having a very bad, rough patch in their career, and so on and so forth. But we don’t see that. So we don’t judge them as much as we do someone that we visually see that has something or there is an issue with them. 

So, coming back to our topic for today, which is what motivates me or anyone to do things. The only place from where you can tap into endless streams of motivation is from within yourself.

That is in the form of 1 – taking responsibility for everything in your life, 2 – living your life with intention, and then 3 – living your life with purpose.

You will notice that the last two are parts of the first one. Once we start taking responsibility for everything in our lives, we will by default live with intention and we will by default feel a much higher level of purpose in our lives.

We don’t just automatically go through life. We don’t just unconsciously do things. Also, we don’t unconsciously eat, we do not unconsciously work, we are not unconsciously in a conversation with someone. We do not unconsciously work out.

Wealth means doing things consciously

Instead, we are conscious of every single thing we do. We are living with intention. If I’m looking at some food or drinks that I know won’t do me any good even if I’m hungry, I won’t eat it. I’ll just wait until I do have something good to eat. I will do this with the knowledge in my brain that fasting is actually a good thing.

I can go fasting. As long as I drink water I can fast for two months and absolutely nothing bad should happen to me. There are obviously exceptions and I am not a doctor.

However, statistically speaking, most people will be fine with fasting for a few hours. Then they can go eating later when they can get a healthy meal or a healthier option. Like a banana or some oranges or some vegetables, based on your taste, of course. Whatever you prefer to eat – maybe a salad or something similar. 

Hopefully, this helps and gives you another perspective on what motivation can look like in your life. You’ll also see that all of this excitement we see on TV and on social media, almost all of it is overrated.

The people on the planet that tend to be the happiest individuals and the ones experiencing wealth to its fullest are not usually very exciting, because they’re at peace.

They can burst into excitement if something happens in their lives. And they probably burst into excitement many times, but 90% of the time they’re at peace.

They are having a beautiful conversation with their wife/ their husband. They are working on whatever it is that they’re working to add value to the company, to their community. Also, they are mindful of the things that they eat, and so on and so forth.

For they’re literally at peace all the time and they don’t allow their internal dialogues to affect them. But that’s a topic for another discussion. However, if you do have internal dialogues that make you sad or otherwise, you should know that’s only in your brain. The same happens if you feel lonely, or unworthy of certain things, or whatever it is that you feel.

You cannot live life with intention and with purpose and be sad, or at least not for a prolonged period of time. Sadness, just like happiness comes and goes, comes and goes. So hopefully this has helped. Thank you so much and speak to you soon.

If you ever need to talk with someone, have any questions whatsoever, or just want to say hi, please email me@robertindries.com. I’d love to meet you.

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